"Paila shoes" decided to preserve and protect the tradition of Nepali "Dhaka". The new generations are abandoning the tradition to dress Nepali Dhaka and their use is in decline.

"Paila" wanted to reinvent the use of "Dhaka" in a modern setting, giving continuity to the ancient handloom design.

The "Dhaka" is a traditional handloom fabric used to make in origin clothes, hats in Nepal.

There are two distinct type of "Dhaka": "The Palpali Dhaka" from Palpa district, Western Nepal and the "Therathum Dhaka" from Tharathum, Eastern Nepal.

"Paila" is looking to experiments products ensuring long life to "Dhaka" patterns and designs.

"Paila Shoe" is a low carbon foot print product. The sole is made entirely from recycle plastic. The fabrics used are made with 100% handloom cottons and organic nettle plant.

Nepal has often shortages of electricity and petrol; we decided to make shoes by hands. In that way we are not dependent from any diesel/petrol machinery and self-reliant.

We decided by choice to use the services of KTM Courier. KTM Courier is an innovative start-up like ours guided by green principles, using cyclists to deliver goods in the capital.

Ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment.

“If you describe something as ethical, you mean that it is morally right or morally acceptable.”

"Paila Shoes believe strongly on those principles".