PB sky blue

pirce : NRs. 3500.00

Product name: Paila Bakhu

Design inspired by traditional dress “Bakhu”
Bakhu is a traditional dress worn by “Sherpa” one of the ethnic community in Nepal living in high altitudes. Married women tie a multi-coloured striped apron of woolen cloth called pangden around their waist. Bakhu/ also known as Chupa in Tibet are similar yet different.
The cut of the shoes represent the style of upper part of Bakhu while the stripe lines of fabric represent the colored striped apron called Pangden.

Materials Description
The giant nettle locally known as Allo, occurs naturally in forests at altitudes above 1500 metres. Time line showed that Allo activities were started by Kulung Rais from 1950. Allo has become an established income generating commodity in Sankhuwasabha district eastern region of Nepal.
The striped design is specially customized and handloomed with base of allo and cotton stripe
Palpali Dhaka
Palpali Dhaka is popular in Nepal. It is woven cloth which was started in 1958 in Tansen,Palpa a district in western region of Nepal.
Palpali Dhaka is used mostly for making Topi (Nepali hat) and chaubandi cholo (a typical nepali blouse). The design of the print can be traced to a traditional weaving and design style originating in Dhaka—Capital City of Bangladesh.
Recycled rubber sole
Old plastics and rubbers items are collected by rag pickers. These people are the last collectors of the big chain segregating useful things from the garbage. The collected items are recycled to make soles.
Gentle hand washable


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