The word "Paila" comes from Nepalese dictionary which means "Step". It is referred to as a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface. "पाइला" in Devnagari script which is anabugida (alphasyllabary) alphabet of Nepal. It reflects the decision to "Step" in creative endeavors. Step to revisit and re-imagine traditions, culture and local skills.

"Paila" is our "Step" to make products in the most energy efficient, using as much locally sourced materials as possible which contributes to the income of Nepal's local economy

"Paila" was created just before the April earthquake 2015 hit our country and the idea remained to create a shoe brand which could represent Nepal's cultural heritage and identity by revisiting and re-imagining traditions. Not only a shoe with a Nepali face but a shoe entirely made in Nepal with main components manufactured by artisans of our country